Aftereatz: Malaysia’s artisanal homemade dessert marketplace that caters to your CRAVINGS!!!

Aftereatz: Malaysia’s homemade dessert marketplace that caters to your after meal cravings!

Kuala Lumpur:, is an ALL-NEW homemade dessert marketplace online platform with enhanced payment and delivery systems that makes it easier for cravings to be satisfied.

The delicious and appetizing platform was launched and ready for business on 25 February 2022. Malaysians are constantly looking for a snack after meals and they have an array of not only tasty but value for money and healthy varieties for all taste buds and for all occasions.

Aftereatz offers a HEBOH variety of truly homemade desserts, snacks, and beverages such as cakes, festive cookies, pastries, spreads, snacks, coffee, kombucha and many more.

With a promising group of home-based merchants and a wide variety of artisanal products, there is also an upcoming variety for our health-conscious consumers such as gluten-free, vegan and less sweet desserts coming real soon.

Founded by three foodies, we are a local start-up called Jesaree Creatives Sdn. Bhd, Aftereatz is inspired by incredibly talented home bakers and local pâtissiers in Malaysia. Our mission is to fully support and build a sustainable home-based F&B business ecosystem that nurtures enthusiastic and passionate Foodpreneurs that have the potential to be BIGGER and BETTER.

We also provide marketing solutions and brand awareness for these local brands which many struggle to do on their own in efforts to promote their business to consumers.

Sama-Sama with the support of the rakyat, Aftereatz strongly believes that this marketplace platform can achieve its mission in empowering the growth of home-based businesses and their brands to be sustainable. Aftereatz, hopes to drive a trend of home-based business start-ups in Malaysia encouraging all who have a passion to start their own business by doing what they LOVE!

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