Aftereatz: Home bakers who turned ‘Passion into Business’

13 Nov 2022

Aftereatz: Home bakers who turned ‘Passion into Business’

Aftereatz is always on a look out for unique desserts and snacks that are purely homemade and made by people who are passionate about what they do. We have an excellent variety of desserts available and are striving to continuously grow the quality and variety of options we can provide to our consumers.

In getting to know our home bakers, we find their stories absolutely inspiring as many of them turned their passion into businesses. Many of us know, this is not easy and takes a lot of grit and dedication.

Sharing her story is Nini from Kek Ni who began her business after returning home from USA to Malaysia during the pandemic one year ago. Due to lack of work, she decided to make her childhood dream of having her own bakery come true. Growing up, Nini was known as the baking kid amongst her  family and friend and even studied culinary arts and food science.

Kek Ni products are unique and  quirky designed macarons as Nini spends a lot of time doodling and painting as well. She definitely has an eye for details. Don’t believe us? Check out Kek Ni awesome Signature Froggy Macarons.  Kek Ni which is fully a home-based business aspires to build a successful and thriving business that can support her family in the long run.

Nisa from Manisa cookies also discovered that she had a passion for baking but initially had zero background in baking. She took efforts to improve her baking skills by joining baking classes from a certified baking trainer. Nisa began from turning her passion into business by starting off with one chocolate chip cookie flavour to now 6 scrumptious selections of cookies. Checkout the Sea Salt Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies here

Manisa Cookies constantly strives to improves the quality of her cookies by with all the feedbacks and support she receives from her customers. Nisa ensures her cookies are made with quality ingredients and are even in perfect shape, colour and thickness when she bottles them for her customers. The odd ones go into a reject jar and we wouldn’t mind those too 

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