Se.potong Cakery

Shah Alam
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Se.potong Cakery is the home of sweet indulgence. We aim in using the finest and freshest premium ingredients to produce the best tasting desserts. When with us, we’ll produce a beautifully created & great-tasting cake.

Announcement: Muslim Friendly

Updated 31 Jul 2022

Call her Wani Azlan, the Head Baker & founder of Se.potong Cakery. She was a Culinary graduan, a Commis in Saujana Hotel back in 2012, a Barista in 2014 & a Kitchen Crew in a Cafe. Her previous boss made her bake cookies during Hari Raya, there’s where she found her passion & made her started her own business online & join pop up events. She received good feedbacks that made her puts her heart & soul in each & every cake & desserts. She can’t wait to creating one for you!


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