What could be better than biting into a delicate, airy pastry that's filled with rich vanilla cream and topped with chocolate ganache? No wonder they’re called ‘eclairs’ which comes from a French word meaning ‘flash of lighting’. They’re usually gone just as soon as you grab one.

The choux pastry these are made from are twice cooked; once on the hob when combining the water, butter, flour and eggs, and then again in the oven where they’re baked at a high temperature that lets them steam up and rise to a puffy…puff. 

RM40 – 1 box (5 eclairs)

Flour, eggs, salt, sugar, milk, vanilla paste, chocolate (72%), cream, butter

Storage Instructions

Shelf Life
1 day (best eaten as soon as you get them)


Items Provided

Product Size
~13cm (1 eclair)

Product Weight

Serving Size
5 pax

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